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Build Your Empire University Reviews

Build Your Empire University Reviews

Rich results on Google's SERP when seraching for 'build your empire university reviews'
Build your empire university reviews

Build Your Empire University Reviews

Check out some of the Build Your Empire University Reviews below and hear from some of the 5,500+ happy customers that have joined us to start and grow an online business.

Below are many written and video testimonials.

Build Your Empire
University Reviews

Check out some of the Build Your Empire University Reviews below and hear from some of the 5,500+ happy customers that have joined us to start and grow an online business.

Below are many written and video testimonials.

Rich results on Google's SERP when seraching for 'build your empire university reviews'
Build your empire university reviews
Rich results on Google's SERP when seraching for 'build your empire review review trustpilot'

Written BYEU Reviews

Written BYEU Reviews

"Our Dream Was To Quit The 9-5, And We Could Finally Do It"
Discovering this platform and meeting these mentors was the best thing that happened to us. 

We always wanted to build a career online, be financially free, travel the world and have this free lifestyle and this platform helped us to BREAK FREE. 

Our dream was to quit the 9-5 slavery, and we could finally do it. 

With everything we learned on this platform and from the community we could simply never see our old jobs the same way, it just didn’t make sense anymore. 

You just know that you can do so much more with that knowledge, and online opportunities are limitless! 

Iz and Rokas
"If There's A Chance You Could Make It, It's With Build Your Empire University"
Wow, Build Your Empire university what can we even say!   

We are a super adventurous couple from Melbourne Australia and all our lives we were led to believe to have anything good in life you must work 11+ hour days..  

I agree that’s true, if you don’t have a side hustle.  

We had no idea just how much we were leaving on the table by relying on both the wages from our jobs. 

We were always too scared to do something on the Internet until a friend recommended build your empire universities step-by-step training.

I can certainly say if there’s a chance you could make it online, it’s going to be with this training. Brodie and Ash stop at nothing to keep it simple, up-to-date and it just actually works thanks guys see you at the top!

Markus and Steph
"No Prior Experience Online & Nowhere To Go In Life"
I just want to say a massive thankyou to Brodie, Ash and the leaders within BYE. 

13 months ago I was stuck on a building site working 12 hour days 6 days a week, with no prior experience online and no where to go in life....

All that changed once I stepped inside BYE it has opened up the doors to life, through the amazing training designed to lead us to our desired goal as fast as possible, the strategies around allowing us to grow as a person to the ongoing daily support we receive. 

Brodie and Ash I cant thankyou guys enough two inspirational leaders motivated by helping others succeed! 

The support has been amazing and continues on a daily basis through Brodie, Ash and the rest of the BYE leadership team, amazing to be apart of and I’m so grateful everyday. Thankyou 🙏
Cody Fry
"I've Built A Career But Wanted More!"
If you had of asked me 3 years what I would be doing now, I never would have thought I would be working in the online space. I've built an incredible career but I've always wanted more and one stream of income was never going to do that. 

I never knew where to look or how to change my situation until I landed at the Build Your Empire University, this step by step system provided the guidance I needed to change my life and I've never looked back since. 
Samuel Leslie 

"The Platform And The Team Has Changed My Life Tremendously!"
I can honestly not thank Brodie and Ash from Build your empire university enough. 

Their platform has not only helped me financially but mentally. The platform and the team has changed my life tremendously and I can not thank them enough. 

two super inspired people who work with you through thick and thin, and I’m so happy to have them on my side through this journey! 

Beau London

"The Training Is Literally The Best Of The Best In The Digital Marketing Space"
I’ve been apart of several different platforms that offer online courses but none of them even come close to comparing to what Build Your Empire University has created. 

The training is literally the best of the best in the digital marketing space. 

If you are serious about building a long term high profiting online business, everything you need to be successful is right here inside BYEU.
Andrea Chalmers
"My review of BYEU ( 5 star rating - *****)"

• Build Your Empire University has been awesome for me! Amazing team, very supportive leaders and coaches, all the training and tools you need to be successful online! The training is the best!

• There is no other online platform out there that is like BYEU!

• I've always wanted to do an online business I'm so glad it's with BYEU

• The whole team pushes each other and wants everyone to succeed

• 7 day trial for $1 was completely worth it!

• Brodie & Ashley are so inspiring and knowledgeable
Mark Dunlop
"Build Your Empire University has truly
changed my life!!
When I first began researching byeu I was just thinking it was like everything else you see on the internet...
 But I was further from the truth. 1 year in and WOW my mindset has changed dramatically. With all the training and information at our fingertips, it has made it so easy for me to build my brand with the incredible support from the community of byeu.

I joined byeu so my partner and I could live comfortably whilst we travel around Australia at the end of 2021 and not have to rush back to a job.

I can't thank the byeu, the community & my mentors enough. You are all incredible and inspire me daily to work hard and fight for my dreams.

Thank you for giving me the best opportunity possible. I am forever grateful.
Tarsha x
Tarsha Garbin
"I am so happy to say, I have no regrets joining BYEU!"
Hey Kimberly here! I'm from North Carolina and have been working full-time online for about 3 years now. 

I tried various online platforms and I am soooo happy to say, I have no regrets joining BYEU! The training, support, and mentorship has been unreal.

I love how the platform includes various marketing strategies and is always keeping up with the ever changing web. Plus the income potential truly is limitless. 

My favorite part of it all is how I feel tho. I am confident, driven, and know that I am capable of doing ANYTHING I put my mind to! Which is really such a priceless feeling! 

So if you're on the fence, just do it already. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If I can do it (a former introverted engineer), then anyone can!!

Kimberly Ramsey
"I'm so much closer to getting what I want out of life"
My name is Casey, I'm from the Pilbara in WA. Before I signed up I wasn't too sure what BYEU was all about. I had my doubt because I was scared to jump into something new but that's exactly what I needed in my life. 

I signed up to the $1 trial and started watching the training videos and I very quickly learnt how Build Your Empire University was going to help me get to where I want to be in life & to finally get to those goals I've had set for so long but couldn't quiet just reach.

From my perception at the start before paying the $1 was super sceptical compared to my perception of BYEU now. Now all I can see is my future goals actually being achievable because of this platform. I feel so much closer to getting what I want out of life, like there's actually a light at the end of tunnel.

One thing that I get to take away from Build Your Empire University is that I get that extra income to put towards my goals instead of just my bills without working so damn hard for it & always missing out on the things that make us happy in life. 
Casey-Lee Cochrane
"It's the golden ticket to the lifestyle that we are wanting to achieve. "
Sheena & Justin Gray - One Life in Style Australia Been in the business for almost one year

This platform is amazing, there is so much knowledge that has gone into it and is consistently being uploaded. The community itself is full of support and everything you need to know is there.
Teaching us how to create a successful online business has allowed us to take our kids on more holidays and see more of this beautiful land we live in.

It's the golden ticket to the lifestyle that we are wanting to achieve. The freedom we can create for ourselves and our children and the ability to live life on our terms.
If you want to change your life because you aren't currently achieving what you want and you don't know where or how to start, 

Build Your Empire University is your answer. It will teach you everything you need to know, will give you the most utmost support and the opportunity to grow bigger than you ever dreamed, more than you will ever get from any kind of company you work for.
Sheena & Justin Gray
"BYEU has opened me up to a whole world of possibilities online"
Believe it or not I had No skepticism or hesitation, I just wanted to learn more and HOW and the 7 day trial gave me that exact opportunity!
Before starting I thought the only way to get ahead in life was to invest in shares, or real estate. Now, my mind has opened up to the possibility of how to build wealth for my future!

It only takes one small moment of courage to make a change. Until you take that step, nothing in your life will change.

Personal Development and the people you surround yourself with are everything! If you're not achieving the results you want anywhere in life, chances are there is a part of your subconscious mind that is sabotaging you.

The way that our parents did things, has well and truly evolved, doing what they did will only give you the same result. 
I don't know about you, but my Dad died of a heart attack at 57, still working full time and chasing that dream of time freedom to do what he wanted, and that's not the result I want for my life! 

Don't waste the next 30 years of your life not stepping outside your comfort zone.
Lauren Condick
"I have the time & financial freedom to be me ."
I am absolutely delighted that I took the plunge and joined BYEU.
The training is really in-depth. It covers everything from how to start, how to keep going, mindset to keep you going, organic marketing, paid advertising, what books you should read, what podcasts you should listen to, and I could keep going.

The undersold part, in my opinion, is the Facebook group - that's where the magic is. There are weekly live video calls, constant new information, and an immense amount of support. 

My biggest takeaway from the training is copywriting. Aka - how to write ads. Which really means - how to identify what I have to offer & not silencing myself.

So, if you're on the fence, like I was for literally 6 months, just sign up. But really, what is actually holding you back?
Lydia Buehrer
"Without Build Your Empire, we would still be stuck in that rut..."
Hi, we are Sharna and Tom, we base ourselves around our home in Hervey bay, we are still in the early phase of our business having only started 18 months ago, but already we have managed to achieve massive things from, clearing massive amounts of debt, to replacing both of our monthly incomes.
From the moment we started with build your empire, things started to change for us, not just financially, but mentally, the way we looked at things was completely different.
Without Build Your Empire, we would still be stuck in that rut we used to call life.
Now thanks to Brodie, Ash and the rest of the Build Your Empire community we have truly become a better version of ourselves and have had the pleasure to travel a hell of a lot more.
Sharna & Tom Taylor
"This is the REAL DEAL! My business success is 
based on ME."
Being a single dad and over 40 I spent countless hours searching online for ways to make extra income. I was very sceptical of what was out there.

Is it possible to change careers at this age and start my own business? And what are the risks?
In my case the scales tip in favour of the Build Your Empire University by a long shot.

Here is a platform that collectively has all the tools you need from the best in the business.

From making a substantial income to literally building your own empire, if you want to take it that far.

I have not been paid to endorse this or brainwashed in any way. The fact is Build Your Empire University is working for me.
I can work from home and do the things I love. I can spend more time with my daughter and I can buy nice things. To me this is happiness. This is living!
John Duke
"Our Mindsets have been recharged, rejuvenated, reenergised ."
We are Marc & Lee Phillips and go by Trip N Play.
Marc had come across Brent & Molly Orwell, the Lifestyle Hustlers on YouTube and instantly became obsessed with their content. We were on holiday up at Airlea Beach over Christmas and literally begged me to stop watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix to watch these guys. He said, "I need to know what they do!" He paid the $1.00 I was still on the fence but we proceeded to watch, and when I saw what we could leverage and what we have to do, be became much more interested.

TAKE a chance on yourself! This $1 that you are contemplating about spending today will be the answer you and so many other lost souls are searching for today. You will have a community of people that will guide you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.
Marc & Lee-Ann Phillips
"I learnt to let go of yesterday and all the negative in my life."
Hi, Im Kylie Hubbard

I use to be a very negative person but since doing the platform and enjoying the community, I have changed my way of thinking and seeing the world. I continue to learn more and more everyday about myself and my family.

I learnt to let go of yesterday and all the negative in my life. I don't wake up and jump straight onto facebook anymore. I start my day with a positive message and seeing my son's face and my partner face or getting a message from my partner when he is away working. This is what life is all about letting go and enjoying your life.

This platform will help us achieve the goals we want out of life. We have made goals for 3,6 and 12 months and are working towards ticking them off day by day.

Kylie Hubbard
"We have been with BYEU for just over 4 months and has changed our lives completely."
Marketing products online seemed like a far off world that we couldn't achieve based on faulty beliefs we had built up over the years, basically thought it was just a another scam because thats the main thing you hear day in day out about the internet.

It's been a massive transformation for us is around mindset and lack of knowledge, personally we have had most of our focus on learning to love ourselves so we can bring value to others. I have always known i have the ability to learn anything just need the right motivation. This platform has given us the ability to create our vision and goals and we can see a way to achieve them. 

If you are thinking about starting online then there is no better oppoutunity then BYEU!! Everything you could need we have found through this training!
Mark & Natalie Baldock 
"It’s time to invest in something that will help your future."
Hey! I’m Trina Buckley. I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada.
I realized how passionate the two leaders were about the courses and everyone in the community. You truly get a certain type of love for the community, I could tell everyone took this seriously and that I was learning from people themselves who have success with this business. They don’t sugar coat anything they always state if you are motivated enough and work towards your goal, it’s possible to achieve them. And of course if you don’t put in the work and get motivated the outcome won’t be what you want.

I truly believe that, I have only been doing this for about 2 months but I already made a sale. And changing my mindset for sure, just believing in myself and my future.
Just do it ! It’s time to invest in something that will help your future. I know it’s scary I think we’ve all been there . But trying something different is how people change and grow .
Trina Buckley
"Prior to getting started with this business I of course had some thoughts like "it must be too good to be true."
As soon as I dove into BYEU I knew I made the right decision though. Of course I was still nervous, but the worry of this being too good to be true flew away. I could see the support from the community as well as all the trainings (which I def needed since I was coming in with zero experience), and I even got to hop on a call with an expert coach to walk me though my exact strategy with building this business - so cool.

I challenge you to think about what your life looks like right now. Are you fully happy where you're at? 
 All those things you want to do and experience? You CAN make them happen IF you do something to make them happen. But that's the key... ya gotta take the first step first. You ready to take your first step into the next best chapter of your life?
Kristen Braun
"The whole BYEU community already has a big impact on me."
I was wondering, of course, if it was another Scam or if this time I would find something real. And it sure is real!!

The whole BYEU community already has a big impact on me as everything and everyone is striving for a common Goal. To better yourself, better your life and better the life's of everyone around you!

Do it right now! Stop thinking about it to much, as that will only hinder yourself and put doubts in your Head!
The sooner you join the sooner your Life and everyones life around you will Improve!

You don't have to be great to start, But you have to start to become Great!

You can Do this, and you will not be alone! they are all there to help and support you along the way!
Roland Lemp

Video BYEU Reviews

Video BYEU Reviews

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